User-friendly Social Media

I am not a web developer (yet) but I do programming, and interested in a solution to an annoying problem.

The issue with the modern social media is that the user is forced to download all the text and even worse, the images by slowly browsing down and loading more and more. I am not interested in most of the junk usually posted in some groups, therefore I have to waste a lot of time with rolling the mouse wheel (or pounding the keyboard) until I find something useful. Most of people do not even realize how much time is wasted by endlessly browsing for those few but very valuable posts that we are interested in.

A simple solution to this issue would be if we could have a browser add-on, or script, or a software that would download and display only the post titles. I could brows these titles and click only on those that are of interest to me. Then load only those posts complete with text and image or links.

The primary sites I would like to use such add-ons on are for instance and

Is this possible? I am sure there are many other users who would also appreciate such an add-on or feature.

Thanks for any input.

Yes, many of these sites offer RSS feeds which are often text based feeds that provide the titles, urls and content of the posts without downloading anything but the text. You could then read in those feeds to your app and display just the titles. If the user is interested, they click the title and all the data for that feed is available to your app to go out and fetch the images and other “meta data” of the post.

If you do a search of “ rss” or “ rss” you might find some. If not, you can create your own web service that scrapes these sites and generates its own feeds that you can then feed to your browser add-on or script.

That sound great, thanks for the idea Martyr2!

I will take a look at what is available, and if there is an RSS feed for these sites how much they are useful even without scripts.

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