User Control Panel

Im trying to make a simple User Control panel for my website.
Nothing to complicated. All it does is display the users current information:

  • username
  • first and last name
  • registered email

The only problem i am having is that i have no idea what i have to do codewise to get the users information after they log in. What code would I need in my controller to call each of those from the database?

You have to make use of a SESSION…after your user log in, you have to assign its id to a session variable, then, make some SQL queries to get the user information through the session variable

I’m assuming by the nature of your question that you’re using some kind of third-party framework? If that’s the case, they most likely have some kind of documentation about userfying (yes, a new word! :D) it.

Off Topic:

As to your poll, what kind of question is that? HTML is THE language that browsers read, and there isn’t a non-beginner web developer who doesn’t know it. Are you suggesting that HTML needs updating, or are you suggesting scrapping it altogether - and replacing it with what?

I have closed the poll because it makes no sense whatsoever and is totally uunrelated to the question being asked.

In response to your question I’ll ask a couple.

  1. Are you using a CMS for the site and is it one that already exists or are you planning to write it yourself from scratch? If you are using an existing CMS then which one?
  2. The information you supplied as to what you are doing is too brief to be able to figure out what it is you are trying to achieve. Can you supply further information on just exactly what the site is supposed to be for and what sort if interaction you are expecting people to make?