User colors in code blocks possible?

Is there a way to adjust the colors for php code blocks by user? The default reds & oranges makes the code in this topic pretty hard for me to read. I looked around in my sitepoint settings but didn’t see anything about color settings.

You could just use normal code tags. That way, you can color the code any way you like.

If you use a browser that supports user stylesheets, you could include this code

.bbcode_code span[style="color:#ff8000;"] {color:[COLOR="#FF8C00"]#123456[/COLOR] !important;}
.bbcode_code span[style="color:#dd0000;"] {color:[color="#dd0000"]#abcdef[/color] !important;}

Where #123456 is the hex code you want it to use instead of orange, and #abcdef is the hex code you want it to use instead of red.

Thanks Stevie. I misunderstood the question.

I meant the colors on these forums at sitepoint. I can’t use normal code tags, I didn’t make the post in question, and if I can add css to a page I’m viewing I don’t know how. I found it difficult to read the post I quoted above on my display (a dell flatscreen) because of the reds & oranges.

Some browsers such as Firefox and Opera, let you use a custom CSS file that can override a site’s CSS.

What browser(s) do you use here?

What browser(s) do you use here?
I’m using firefox at the moment, I wasn’t aware you could override .css in the browser. I’ll spend some time with google. Thanks for the tip.

I love user style sheets. This forum looks quite different to me thanks to one of those. This might help:

It has a link to more Firefox instructions. FF is easy to set up.

Thank you.