Useful Photography Links

Some links I’ve found useful in the past: - Phil Askey’s site featuring camera news, previews, reviews, info, samples and a good Q&A forum - Apertures and focal length explained - Home made soft box - How to take photos of roads etc - Camera Simulator - learn what f stops, shutter speed, ISO do - DIY Photography Equipment making


R for the insights regarding photography from Ken Rockwell - photo tips every month from the New York Institute of Photography - a nature photography site - videos and articles on photography - tips and articles from Shutterbug magazine

For now I have stickied this thread–everyone can make their contribution and then eventually we’ll organize it into a formal photo resources sticky thread :slight_smile:

There is a lot of good links in this SP thread about Selling Photos Online is great if you are in Texas, and even outsiders are welcome (members from all over the world have joined). has one of the best forums on the net for photography (just don’t put up a picture to be judged/critiqued, they are vicious sharks), and their lens review section is awesome (as is their buy & sell area)

Then there is ShootHouston in my sig, but that’s really only helpful for people in Houston, Texas. - great place for Legal info for photogs. - one of the most famous photog bloggers. is a great forum for Canon owners, though there is enough there for everyone else as well. Great site about Travel Photography! is a good all-purpose photography site, with forums, photo galleries, an industry blog, articles, tutorials, etc.

Here are some links: -articles, newsletters, contests & etc on photography.

Some good stick photography resources, too:

Just found this one: -footage, backgrounds, transitions, music, sound effects.

Yes- this is a great learning tool! Huge advocate!!

If you need to buy photos and don’t know prices on stock agencies, check next link

Prices is updated on all stock agencies.

If you want great tips on DIY lighting and effects, check out Strobist. has an amazingly large inventory, and it’s searchable by camera/lens. is a “fair trade” stock photo site meaning that the photographer gets most of the money for the stock photo.


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definitely some good links in this thread for camera reviews, photography tips & photoshop tutorials