Use text links to submit a form

Hi this is a jquery question.

I want to use a text link to submit a form and get the POST values instead of an ugly submit button which is difficult to style. I thought it would be simple but I can’t do it - whats the problem with this .js?


$(document).ready(function() {

$(‘#link1’).click(function() {
return false



The problem is I can’t get the $_POST variables to perform some conditional logic. I want the user to answer a question submit the form to itself and test the result.

I can do this fine with a submit button but a text link styled as a button looks much better. Do I have to use ajax() function or something to send the from variables to a PHP script?


You are right - I should have thought of that first. I think I stopped using button tags because of some minor IE bug but they can be styled and will submit in all browsers.

Thanks for reminding me!

how about using
<button type=“submit”><!— all the styling tags you can stuff in –></button>