Use of uninitialized value $stdout at line 28 , please helppp :((((

#! /usr/bin/env perl 
use strict;
use warnings;
use feature qw(say);   # Replaces 'print' with 'say'

use Net::SSH::Perl;

use constant {
    HOST        => '',
    USER        => 'admin',
    PASSWORD    => 'admin',

my $ssh  = Net::SSH::Perl->new( HOST ) 
    or die qq(Can't SSH to host.);

$ssh->login( USER, PASSWORD );
    or die qq(Can't log into host.);

say "check the version of the build";
say "enter the config mode";
say " ahmed ";
my ( $stdout, $stderr, $exit_code ) = $ssh->cmd("show vlan")
    or die qq(Can't execute command.);
if ( $exit_code ) {
    say "Command returned an exit code of $exit_code"
say $stdout;`

It’s been EONs since I’ve done any perl (like 15ish years), but that or die on the ssh->cmd(“show vlan”) line doesn’t look right.

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