Use jqurey to remove a tag from table td

would someone help me on how i can use jquery to remove the a tag from this table tb?
here the code

<td class="tue past has-events" id=“2012_calendar-2011-11-01”>
<div class=“inner”><div class=“month day”> 1</div><div class=“view-item view-item-2012_calendar”>
<div class=“calendar.1164.field_time.0.0 calendar monthview”>
<div class=“view-field view-data-node-vid node-vid”>

    &lt;span class="tcm-speaker-nopop"&gt;Alex&lt;/span&gt;      &lt;/div&gt;  
      &lt;div class="view-field view-data-node-data-field-time-field-time-value node-data-field-time-field-time-value"&gt;
    &lt;span class="tcm-time-nopop"&gt;&lt;span class="date-display-single"&gt;&lt;span class="date-display-start"&gt;11:00 am&lt;/span&gt;&lt;span class="date-display-separator"&gt; - &lt;/span&gt;&lt;span class="date-display-end"&gt;12:00 pm&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/span&gt;      &lt;/div&gt;  
      &lt;div class="view-field view-data-node-title node-title"&gt;
    [COLOR=#ff0000]&lt;a href="/free-course/preview-mix-match-30-formulas"&gt;[/COLOR]A Preview&lt;/a&gt;      &lt;/div&gt;  

</div> </td>
I want use jquery DOM to remove the a tag.
I need to grab that from the class (tb.past) down to the a tag in letter red.
I have tried the (td.pass > a) doens’t work form.

Any advice.


Why use jQuery?

You can remove each with just a single line of plain javascript code.

try to mod the orignal jqury script that came with drupal calendar pop up module.
i want to make some change in there .
this is the begnning of the script. some how if i can grab the table tb a tag, i will have what i need.
couldn’t figure out to grab that a tag from above codes
the orginal script.
btw: i need to grab the a tag from the table tb class.

$(‘div.view-field > a’).attr(‘class’, ‘popup’);
// on click of a link
$(‘a.popup’).click(function(a) {