Use instagram bot


I am new here. Have anyone here used instagram bots to market your brand? A friend of mine used a bot to market his brand and he was talking about that he got over 100 new followers per day.
Is that true and how does it work? Is it safe or can I get blocked by Instagram? Is it legal?

So many questions, hehe. I need more followers but I don’t want to get banned.

Do you think I should try it out?


Probably the best way to find those things out is to seek and read the ToS for Instagram.


@classylifeswe, instead of using any bot it is better to apply manual method. This will not ban your account and you will get real and genuine followers. All you need to post images or pics with interesting and engaging ideas.


It’s good to use only the bot which provides auto engagement with real followers.
It can automatically put likes and follows.
But never buy bot followers. It can damage your account.


I didn’t use any Instagram bot but if you want real engagement for your account. You shouldn’t go with bots. The reason is, the numbers you want would increase but no bot can offer you pure engagement. So, it wouldn’t give you anything in return. You’'ll have an account that shows a good number of followers with zero engagement. This was my opinion, rest is your choice.


Instagram bots work. You will receive a large number of new subscribers and likes. But it’s a deceit. You lose them just as you got them. I recommend you do content and use affiliate programs with other bloggers. You don’t harm your product in this case.


I’ve heard that “engagement groups” or “engagement pods” work from some people who want to trade likes in a specific niche. I haven’t tried this myself, however, so I can’t speak from experience whether this works well or not.


Ye, bot is an easy and cheap mmethod to get followers. It doesn’t fit to big projects, but it’s pretty good for small businesses.


There are a number of bots that you can use but you need to be careful. I once used an Instagram bot for an construction company it worked well but the developer who made it stopped developing it so it stopped working.

If I had to do it again, I would get a freelancer to develop a bot to my specs.