Use and Coordinate Local Server and Multiple WP Sites (not Multi-)

I have several WP sites with BlueHost. I want to work on a site on my wamp:
> Type of local server, need advice here (Windows)
> How do I organize the local server with the different sites I maintain? The sites are “Addon” sites at BH.
> How do I know what to upload to BH, and where, when I edit a WP site? I use FileZilla for direct uploads.

I am not a programmer. When I try to follow tutorials for local servers, they differ in methods and are usually set up for one site.

Type of local server? I thought wamp is apache by default?

You should be able to find tutorials on how to set up different sites with wamp. It should be straight forward. I don’t use wamp, so I can’t provide a step-by-step guide.

If you are using ftp, you should see the domain of your site as the directory name under public_html after logging in. Most hosting companies offer a one-step installation process for popular software like wordpress - so you dont need to upload wordpress yourself. You may need to upload your theme if you decide to customise one. Everything you need to change is under the wp-content dir of your wordpress installation.

good luck.

I’m sorry if this was not clear; your answer does not apply to my question.
Using a localhost wamp server is the basis of my question. Wamp servers = Apache, MySQL and PHP. I would really appreciate it if someone familiar with the use of local host server could help me.
I have many self-hosted WP sites.
I would like to (1) install, and (2) edit these sites on a local host wamp server.
I understand there are several companies who provide such software, usually free; I am looking for direction in the different providers.
More importantly, having installed and used one, I found it confusing as to how to know what I would then upload (yes, ftp) to my online host after editing the WordPress site locally. And is it as simple as an upload? Or does it have to be installed in some way (not WP itself but the edited pages, etc.)?
And what about multiple WordPress sites on a wamp server (not multi-site)? Tutorials for local servers show a set up for one site, not making it clear to me how a second site is added.
While I can competently use WordPress online, obviously editing on a local host copy would be preferable. But I find I need more step-by-step instruction for this, as it is here my unfamiliarity with the back-end of WordPress makes it very difficult.