Use an Iframe?

A php guy just did a form for me that is table (tablular data) which needs to be shown cross browser and be very quick to load.

He suggests including it on another of my pages using an iframe. What is the consensus on iframes? Anything with frame in the title I instinctively don’t trust!(ie frames for webpages :nono:)

Iframes are deprecated and are a piece of junk and are for stone age people :). Generally, never do it.

Considering how fast rendering times are for most people, I don’t think regularly loading it would take long at all? (Even if it is dynamic, JS is not the fastest language, but it is fast enough :))

I’ll clarify the IFRAME is NOT ‘deprecated’ though it is NOT available within a Strict HTML 4.01 DTD.

Like Ryan said the "IFRAME" is a 'dirty-word' and basically should NEVER be used and usually there are better alternatives.

If he is using PHP then it would be more sensible to use a PHP include. As IFRAME is ‘problematic’ by nature.

Alas some users would be very wary of dealing with a FORM nested within a inline-frame - suspecting “fraudulent activity”.

The bottom-line; don’t use the inline-frame for embedding forms.

OK thanks for the replies, I will take great pleasure in telling my know all developer this! Cheers