USB Wifi For Windows 7 (64Bit)

Does anyone know of a USB wifi adaptor that I can get in the UK which will work on the 64bit version of Windows 7 (Ultimate)? My old USB adaptor doesn’t work (windows refuses to load the drivers so presumably the drivers are totally incompatible with 64bit).

I’ve looked on a couple of sites for electronics/computer shops and either they don’t list any OSs at all, don’t mention Windows 7 or don’t mention if it also includes 64bit.:mad:

I just went for a new wifi adapter in the end, I went with Netgear’s WG111 model in the end, it was marked up as Windows 7, worked straight away. Now to set about downloading all my fav FF extensions.

Have you checked the manufacturers website for 64bit drivers? That should be the first place you go for compatibility issues (rather than binning a usable device).

If you have checked and there’s no version available, almost every adapter will support 64bit if it’s been made in the last 5+ years. :slight_smile: