USB Flash Drive Issue

I have a USB flash drive, that when plugged into any machine (XP, Vista or Windows 7) the following message is displayed

Please help.

Hit cancel and see if you can open it? Copy the data and then format it.

You may also want to try running chkdisk against it.

Did you by any chance format it previously to a system which Windows can’t read, such as Ext4?

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I’ve seen a similar issue. I have a USB drive that works perfectly under Windows XP, both for reading and writing. When I plug it into a Windows 7 machine, I see a message like the one in your screenshot. I’ve found that I can cancel the message, and the drive then works perfectly. I can’t say for sure if the same will happen in your case, but it would be the first thing to try.


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I had the same issue. Did as Mikl did, and it worked fine. Weird situation, but it definitely made my heart skip a beat.

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