USB drives are not safe enough

USB flash drives are involved in a large number of incidents of data breach. How do you make your USB drive safe?

Encrypt it with software; for more security I belive you can use hardware options for USB drives.

There are a couple of free software options - truecrypt is a popular one or there are some pay for ones.

Accessing the data without installing a program on the PC can be a problem. But if you are only using it on your PC it is not a problem.


Are you talking about having a USB drive stolen? There are programs out there that will encrypt the data for you however the safest way to protect data is to not carry it around with you on a USB drive. It should be stored on a server and only be accessible using two-factor authentication.



You could always set up two partitions–one unencrypted partition (where your portable encryption tool resides) and the encrypted partition.

However, I actually haven’t used a USB flash drive in quite some time for carting data around. Between smart phones, tablets, high-speed broadband, self-hosted VPNs, cloud services, etc, it really hasn’t been necessary.

I am talking about all kinds of data breaches through USB drives whther is from lost or theft USB drive or some other kind.

It doesn’t matter. A USB Drive is just like any other drive and therefore you have exactly the same tools to keep your data safe as any other drive (which includes your own hard drive).

The main one and most secure is encrypting your information.

Normally you don’t do it with your desktop because you don’t carry it around with you.

In the office I used to work, the policy was that all laptops had to have their hard drive encrypted whether the user liked it or not so when the laptop was lost/stolen, at least they knew that the information could not be used by someone else.

Same with your USB Drive.

Of course, for sensitive information, you should also have a back up copy :slight_smile:

Yes USB have no guarantee any time data will lost because of many issues by inserting and removing from many systems

Its small size is perhaps its biggest enemy