USA Living Price

Is 800 a month enough to live off for a single 25 year old?

It depends on where you live and what expenses you have. Note that if you don’t have anything else to supplement your income, it works out to $10,400/yr, which is below the US poverty level (the poverty level in 48 states is $10,830 for an individual)

If you are talking rent, food, expenses, transportation, health care, everything then that is very little money to live on.

I would say no. When I was 24 in MA I had an apartment and was paying $2000 for that, plus electric, food, gas, $750 car payment, cell phone bill and various expenses. Luckily I was making about $50 an hour so it wasn’t a problem but it does depend upon where you live, $800 a month is low though.

not if u still live at home :slight_smile:

Thanks. I did not realize I was that poor lol.