URL shorteners still needed?

A better plan would be to try to find out why your site is being considered as spam, and fix the problem properly.

Yeah… when your site is being deemed “spam” by something, ignoring it and trying to circumvent the problem will only exacerbate it. You’d be a lot better off trying to figure out why, as Stevie said.

But I agree with Tim, up top. I don’t particularly like shortened URL and I don’t often click them. Especially tinyurl. One of the only ones I do click is youtube. Because I know only youtube can make them and that a random user can’t abuse the site and make their own linking to something that can infect a person’s computer.

Though as mentioned, if you are simply using one for your OWN site and stuff, then I suppose it would be as Stevie said. More professional and reassuring. Which I can say for certain, because it’s the exact reason I don’t click most haha

I think we need to use URL shorter service for Twitter but there is no need to start your URL shorter service. There are already a bunch of those. Use google’s shorter service for better results and look.

OK, I think this thread has run its course now…