URL Rewrite CSS Not Importing?

Hi all, I’ve rewritten my URLs to make them slightly more friendly. The main homepage looks perfect, when the user chooses to filter the blog by ‘voice’ the CSS seems to be not imported. I have tried adding …/ in-front of my location for the CSS but this just reverses the problem making the stylesheet show on the filter page and not on homepage.

Please click here to see an example of the problem. Click in the red box to filter by ‘voice’.

Just wondering if I need to perhaps need to get the URL with PHP and depending on the URL to add the …/ to the page?

Any help greatly appreciated.

This is a common problem with mod_rewrite and can be solved by using the <base> tag as described in this article in the section “Relative Links Are Missing!” or by using only absolute URIs (i.e. start all URIs with a /).