Url rewrieen problem for my code

i am using osclass 3.01 which is open source classified script. (it developed using php and mysql). The disadvantage of this is all the urls are showing in dirty format(for google seo) so i need to convert them into a clean urls.

The problem is all urls are showing like this :-



but i need like this

http://example.com/search/pets/dogs.html (.php)

for this purpose i read some articles regarding .htaccess file. But i am not understanding what they said. please help me what to do.

Some of the sites tells for changing for the single file. but i need to add one .htaccess file to my whole project and it will convert all databse(source urls) to good urls(as shown above as 2nd link). this means that if users post in feature time then they also will be converted to clean urls.

Dear web masters please solve it. and please tell me what are the additional requirements for this. (presently i am using xampp(only using mysql and apache)…

Have you read about how mod_rewrite works? mod_rewrite tutorial.

Thanks, Cups.

As the author, I was about to recommend the same thing (linked in my signature) as it has helped many members (and is repeated, in part, in this board’s sticky threads).