URL make difference?


i have another question , will google rank me better if i have links like this example

instead of
http://rapidscan.me/ara.php?q=eminem&x=0&syf=1 ?

Regards ILIE

From what I hear, it does.
Ideally it would be more like:

(‘page1’ is replaced with something with keywords in it.)


i can change the page1 tag with wat i want i can make like this Ex: http://rapidscan.me/eminem&tag-1 or what i want after “&”, unfortunately i can’t make links like http://rapidscan.me/eminem/music :frowning: , what difference’s will make ?

Regards ILIE

I don’t know. This is what the SEO people tell me to do, but I don’t know what the extent of the impact is.

Definitely URL matters alot in ranking. Having a proper URL structure means pointing out the exact landing pages for users. Google considers URL structure in ranking for eg. If there is any site who’s URL is ABC.com/read%r.php= readonly and another one is DEF.com/web/SEO.html then the site DEF. com will be considered more by Google because of proper URL structure.

This has been discussed before - see http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4640670 for what I wrote last time!

In terms of rapidscan.me/ara.php?q=eminem&x=0&syf=1 - if the bit on the end in red is not essential to the right page being served then get rid of those parameters.


Thanks for reply ,now mi site have links like this rapidscan.me/eminem&page1 for me it’s ok i think that it’s equal like rapidscan.me/tag/eminem or else i don’t have a .php file to the url only a & Wat you think it’s ok the permalink ?