Upload progress

I have a page I’m working on in php. Users are going to upload files on one page when they are logged in.
Sometimes the files are large, so I guess it would be best to have something showing that it’s actually uploading.
It doesn’t have to be a progress bar, just numbers showing the upload % maybe.

I can’t install stuff on my web host, so I need something simple.
The server is running PHP 5.2 so I can’t use the upload progress that is available in newer php versions.

Is there any simple javascript doing what I want? Something I can insert into the looks of my web site I’m working on?


If you are uploading your files via AJAX this is possible.
Here’s a tutorial: http://www.sitepoint.com/html5-javascript-file-upload-progress-bar/

Actually I would like something working on older browsers as well. Don’t think all my users can use html5 stuff.

Maybe something like this, then?

Actually I downloaded (and paid) for fineuploader yesterday. It looks really good, but I couldn’t make it work in the upload part. The progress bar worked fine, but then nothing happened. I had a friend helping me out online, but he was stuck as well. I found other people having the same problem when I Googled it. I just got Upload failed.
But now I found something else that I think will work. Will try and modify it to see if it’s the right thing.