Upgrading to Bootstrap 3 causes all components to be significantly smaller

I had been using Bootstrap v2.3.2 for a while and just downloaded and tried Bootstrap v3.0.2 . All components of my asp.net MVC application are significantly smaller now. Is that by design? Is there a global setting I can change?

Hi, welcome to Sitepoint :slight_smile:

This article goes over some of the differences between those versions of bootstrap but bootstrap 3 is really a departure from previous versions and not really something that you can easily upgrade to. It has a different methodology (mobile first out of the box) and is really something you’d use on new projects rather than trying to upgrade an old or existing one.

From what I can gather most of the component changes are to the ‘flat’ design and lose most of their border-radius and gradients etc. I’m not sure the size of components has changed that much. However, I haven’t actually used bootstrap 3 yet but have just completed about 150 pages in bootstrap 2 so upgrading for me would be out of the question and slightly pointless.

Sorry, I can’t offer more specific help.

Thanks Paul, the article you referenced was very informative. My project is relatively small and might be worth trying the auto converter . Thanks for your quick reply.