Upgrading or not this is the dilemma

Well, of course upgrading to a recent, cross-browser, HTML5/CSS3 compatible, CMS template layout is the obvious and most covenient thing to do. Yet, I am a bit attached to it :disappointed_relieved:

Yes, I’m talking about my website (see this thread).

Problem is templates look like all the same and do not even slightly meet my requirements, besides I like my layout and the solid glossed theme I’ve given it. And yet, it requires a modern layout or at least up to date code.

So I was thinking: would it be possible recreating its layout (or a similar and improved one) as a template and what CMS would be advisable to do it?

Some of the things I would like to have:

  • A way to automatically set products as available and update their availability both in the home (showing a picture) and products (a label) section.
  • Implementing a booking sistem in the guesthouse section.
  • A blog in the event section.

These are very general lines. I know that, from my perspective, universes need to be crossed to achieve that.
But perhaps slowly and with your help I might do it :slight_smile:

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