Upgraded PHP - Terminal (php -v) <> PhpInfo


Using mac, which runs unix, I updated my PHP with apache 2 to php 5. IT works, but I found the need to run zend and while my phpinfo shows 5.3.2 as my PHP version using localhost, when I use terminal, and try to find the version (php -v) it shows php 4+

The reason this is a problem is because I want to install zend framework but I get the predictable error trying to activate ‘zf’

"Parse error: parse error, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION' or T_FUNCTION’ or T_VAR' or ‘}’’ in /Applications/MAMP/svn/zendframework/trunk/bin/zf.php on line 38

That is due to it not loading php 5. How do I get the CLI to run php 5 like I do with my localhost ? Do I have to delete php 4 modules?

Thanks. Please forgive me if this belongs on linux admin forum instead of PHP. I just figured if I successfully installed PHP 5 (I used MAMP) the command line would recognize the NEW php and not live off of php 4.

PS. This MAMP install of php 5 also installed Apache 2. So apparently I have 2 apaches loaded…

Check how many php.ini files you have on your HDD.

Thanks. I did have more than one but I solved it by opening my .profile file and adding the export path that needed to be added.