Updating table problem

Hi, I am having problem in my update,how can i add like this number in php

lets assume that the value of my post is “00000010”

how can i add so that it will be like “00000011” and then the next update will be “00000012” and etc…

my code doesn’t work it will give only “1”

   $num = $_POST['bookno'];

   $num = $num + 1;
    $sql = "update mytable set `bkno` = '$num' where `bkcode` = '25'";

    $result = mysql_query($sql);

      die("failed to update".mysql_error());

Can you help me please.Thank you in advance.

Do an echo of $_POST[‘bookno’] and $sql

Hi thank you for the reply,here is the result of my echo.

post=00000002 sql=1

the value of my num is 00000002 and the echo is correct.

so how can i add 1 so that it will be 00000003 and it will update to the column and it will store 00000003

i tried this but it will not work.

$num = $num + 1;

but the result is 1 i am expecting the result to be 00000003
Thank you in advance.

How did you manage to echo $sql and get out “1”? Are you sure you didnt echo $num instead?

hi StarLion, thank you for the reply,

this is how i echo

echo “post=”.$_POST[‘bookno’];

my mistake for the echo of my sql.

here is i echo again, this is the result

$num= $num + 1;
$sql = “update mytable set bkno = ‘$num’ where bkcode = ‘25’”;

echo “sql=”.$sql;

sql=update mytable set bkno = ‘1’ where bkcode = ‘25’

So PHP is definately the one choking that down…
You could try $num = str_pad(((int)$num + 1),8,“0”,STR_PAD_LEFT);

Hi starlion, i tried but it’s not working…

it will always update 00000001

Could you try this:

$num = $_POST['bookno'];
$num = $num + 1;

Hi StarLion, sorry for the last reply my mistake i got wrong spell for my variables…and it is now working thank you so much for helping me.