Updating Images(BLOB) in MySQL with PHP

Hi there,

I am on my way to create the feature for users to upload their profile photo to the database. I manage to upload my photo to database in binary form (BLOB) but I am having problem while trying to display it.

upload form code:

<?php //get the posted image when the submit button is clicked
$username = "MentorMenteeData";
$password = "mentormenteedata";
$host = "localhost";
$database = "mentormenteesystem";

// Make the connect to MySQL or die
// and display an error.
$link = mysql_connect($host, $username, $password);
if (!$link) {
    die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());

// Select your database
mysql_select_db ($database);

   if (isset($_FILES['image']) && $_FILES['image']['size'] > 0) {

      // Temporary file name stored on the server
      $tmpName  = $_FILES['image']['tmp_name'];

      // Read the file
      $fp      = fopen($tmpName, 'r');
      $data = fread($fp, filesize($tmpName));
      $data = addslashes($data);


      // Create the query and insert
      // into our database.
      $query = "UPDATE student SET student_img='$data' WHERE student_id ='$student_id'";
      $query .= "(image) VALUES ('$data')";
      $results = mysql_query($query, $link);

      // Print results
      print "Thank you, your file has been uploaded.";

else {
   print "No image selected/uploaded";

// Close our MySQL Link

<form action="" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" name="changer">

<strong style="color: #FFD700;">Upload your image:</strong><br />
<input name="MAX_FILE_SIZE" value="102400" type="hidden"><br /><br />
<input namge="image" accept="image/jpeg" type="file">
<input type="submit" value="Submit">

Code to display image:


$username = "MentorMenteeData";
$password = "mentormenteedata";
$host = "localhost";
$database = "mentormenteesystem";

mysql_connect($host, $username, $password) or die("Can not connect to database: ".mysql_error());

mysql_select_db($database) or die("Can not select the database: ".mysql_error());

$id = $_REQUEST['student_id'];

if(!isset($id) || empty($id) || !is_int($id)){
     die("Please select your image!");

$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM student WHERE student_id='".$id."'");
$row = mysql_fetch_array($query);
$content = $row['image'];

header('Content-type: image/jpeg');
     echo $content;

I could see my database table for the image column containing some bits but I just cant seems to display it. Please advise.

only thing I can see is the adslashes, that is not removed on out put - stripslashes…
but not sure if that is even related…

about 8 years a go, I read a book where it was clearly explained “Images do not belong in DBs”
I do agree with that assesment and never doubted it…

Are you sure you want to do that?
it creates dozens of problems an I dont see a single benefit…

My general advice:
files in file system - data in databases …


I have been trying to do similar and the images only display as text with the following code:

$id = $_POST[‘id’];
$_POST[‘display_blob’] = true;

$dbc = mysqli_connect(‘localhost’, ‘-------’, ‘--------’, ‘--------’)
or die(‘Error connecting to MySQL server.’);
$query =“SELECT image FROM tbl_images WHERE id = $id”;
$result = mysqli_query($dbc, $query)
or die(‘Error querying database.’);
//header(“Content-type: image/jpeg”);
$row = mysqli_fetch_array($result);
echo $row[‘image’]; //retreives ascii

// header(“Content-type: image/jpeg”); //added to display as image did not work
// echo $row[‘imageContent’]; //added to display as image did not work


I think that storing images in the db has it’s place and there are plenty arguments to be found for doing such; however, the purpose of this thread is how and not why.