Updating a GitHub repository

I’ve not used GitHub for some while and I have just been to try and make a new release of one of my repositories. It seems to have changed beyond recognition.

It doesn’t look as though I can do anything useful using GitHub Desktop, and creating a new release on the web page I can no longer upload a sub-folder and all its files. If I just upload the contents of a sub-folder how is anyone to know where the files belong?

Confused of Umbria :confused:

I am far from Github expert… once the Repository is created try the following:

Using a command prompt

  1. select a suitable directory, preferably a “new-test-001” directory
  2. change to “new-test-001”
  3. In Github open and select Repository → Code → Clone → HTTPS → https://github.com/GANDALF_REPOSITORY.git
  4. git clone https://github.com/GANDALF_REPOSITORY.git

With a bit of luck the Repository should be cloned

Amend the Repository by adding a new directory and a couple of test files

Once again in the command Prompt:

  1. cd to “new-test-001”
  2. git add . // ensure there is a trailing full stop
  3. git commit -m “whatever”
  4. git push

The new directory and new test files should be uploaded to the online Github Repository

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I managed to create the new release as a new repo using the desktop app. Not exactly how it’s supposed to work, but hey-ho, it’s published.

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