Updating 2 tables in one query when similar data does not exist in both

I’m trying to update multiple tables in a single query, but what I’m using does not seem to do any updating.

UPDATE table1,table2 SET table1.name='John Doe',table2.name='John Doe' WHERE table1.id=1 and table2.id = 1;

Problem is, a row with the same id may not be present in both tables. How can I do an update in a case like this?

In this case, the id 1 is present in table1, but not in table2.

The idea is to update data in both tables, even if an id does not exist in table1 or table2

How do I write the sql for something like this?


    id is present in table1 but not in table2 -> Update table1.

    id is present in table2 but not table1 -> update table2.

    id is present in both table1 and table2 update both.

    id is not present in either tables -> do nothing

just use two update statements

why the need for one?