Untapped sources of free traffic

We all love free traffic, right? So, here are some of the mostly untapped sources for your site:

  • Lead gen services (use free lead generation services like <snip> to deliver leads to your doorstep with a push of the button.)
  • Free ebooks (write a short 20-pages eBook and distribute it via free Kindles. Include your links in it and bam! Here comes the traffic.)
  • Doc sharing (convert your articles into PDFs and share them on document sharing sites)
  • Invite guest bloggers (write a great pitch and get other bloggers to write for you. Most won’t reply, but some of them might and voila, they’ll bring tons of traffic to you.)

So, here are my 2 cents. Please share your ways to get free traffic, ok?

Have a nice day!

Hey @bostjan36, can you share your own experience with this? I’m especially curious about the free ebook distribution on Kindle. What kind of uptake have you seen on that, and what kind of conversion to your website?


Could you elaborate more on the guest blogging thing… I am not getting too much traffic on my blog these days… What do I do

For free e-books traffic, its necessary that you have an attractive landing page to capture leads in terms of collecting e-mail addresses.

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