Unprotected connection to https webpage in Opera for online banking


Couple of days ago we noticed that when we go to our online bank login page (using Opera browser as usual) there is no green lock icon there anymore. There is just a grey globe icon which states “unprotected connection” even though it is a https page. When we examined that page it had 3 errors, here is one of those:

The page at ‘https://aibinternetbanking.aib.ie/inet/roi/login.htm’ was loaded over HTTPS, but is submitting data to an insecure location at ‘http://personal.aib.ie/help-and-guidance/technical-help-system-settings’: this content should also be submitted over HTTPS.

The other two errors are similar. Prior to a few days ago everything was fine (green lock was there). We’ve been in touch with our bank and their representative said that he logged in this morning and the connection was secure for him; and they didn’t have any other complaints from the customers about this problem. We also tried Chrome - same problem. Firefox states that connection is secure (we don’t use FF, we just installed it). We have this problem on two different machines (Windows 7 and Windows 8) on the same wifi network. Does anyone have any idea what the problem can be and how can it be fixed? Is it a problem with the website or with our machines? Thanks

The message has already told you which address the page is referencing is insecure. As that site is not on your computer the problem is at their end.

Just because you are the first to spot the problem and they are using a browser that for some reason doesn’t see the problem doesn’t mean that the problem is not there. You will just need to be persistent and hope that eventually they will be able to understand that it is their problem.


Typically, the problem in cases like this is that an insecure link is being requested when building the page on the server (css files, JS, images, etc.) but, as Stephen stated above, you’ve been in formed EXACTLY what the detected problem is (and you should confirm that by reading the source code of the page you’re on) so tell the bank to get their act together or you’re taking your business to a responsible (and knowledgeable) bank. There is simply NO EXCUSE for a professional webmaster (hired by a bank) to make such a grievous error.



Thank you for your replies. What we’re trying to figure out is why up until a few days ago there was no errors like these on that page and there was a green lock sign on both Opera and Chrome. We noticed this problem first a few days ago on one machine (Win7) so we decided to investigate that page and we saw those errors. However, when we checked this page on a different machine (Win 8.1), both Opera and Chrome had the green lock sign and there were no errors on the page. So the same day, two different machines displayed different results for the same page. Then, a couple of days later, the second machine showed unprotected connection and the 3 errors were there. We find it a bit odd. What do you think can be an explanation to this? And is it safe to use that login page to sign in to our online bank securely even though the page design isn’t upto standards?

To me, that sounds like the website has been changed. That means that either the site’s webmaster did something (stupid?) or that the site has been hacked. I think that answers both questions.