Unordered List Causing Problems In IE

I have an unordered list inside the div #interest-bar that reads “Retirement Planning, Portfolio Management, Insurance & Risk Management, Education Savings”. Looks fine in most all browsers except for IE. I thought it might be the double margin bug so I added display:inline… but it still looks incorrect. The white text links should stay inside the blue-gray bar that reads “I am interested in:”. Can someone help me solve this one?


Hi, Todd,

There isn’t enough room for the list items in that row. If you disable most of the ul styles, you will see that the list items sit inline with the “I am interested in” text, except that one word wraps to the next line. The user’s choice of font size can make such a difference, too.

I’m testing on FF. I suspect that the default font-size in your IE browser might be larger than the default font size in your other browsers; but that’s just a guess.