Unkown error message involving javascript

Am trying to get help in mmm but whenever the money show if i click next it will show me unkown error and down of it ill appear javascript:(o)

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So what is the solution to it

What is the solution to what? You haven’t given us anything to go on.

Well mmm is clearly code for Mr Money Moustache, and the error is due to a distinct lack of said moustache as detected by your webcam, thus explaining the (0) that appears.

Solution - grow a moustache.


More seriously, and for the benefit of others that may be viewing this, I suspect that mmm is the site https://mmmglobal.org/ which is a something like a bitcoin co-op, where people financially help each other out.

If you’re having trouble with them, I recommend that you use their contact page to resolve things.

On a separate note, I am somewhat concerned by reports about MMM, such as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MMM_(Ponzi_scheme_company)

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