Unknown pseudo-element or pseudo-class :nth-child amongst other things

I ran the site thro w3 validate ccss and one of the error was as above
-works in FF but not in IE
Second point there isn’t any blank space at bottom of page?

Ignore border round text that was just to let me see how positioning was working


The first thing:

Table { border:0 solid #C0C0C0; }

use table instead of Table and border: none; instead of border:0 solid #C0C0C0;
so set this rule to:

table { border: none; }

The second one the cell border is browser default, use explicitly:

td { border:1px solid #000; }

Thanks I’ll do that.

You would need to validate against css3 and not css2.1 as nth child is css3

-works in FF but not in IE

In IE it’s only supported from IE9+

Ah! that explains it I was testing against ie8- Thanks I’ll go back and do that .