Unexpected token identifier javascript

Hi guys Im terrible at JS. Im trying to create an object and get this error.

unexpected token identifier

Here is my code:

var person = new Object();
person.\$header = \"<div class=\"clearfix floatbox_cap\"><h3 class=\"floatbox_title\"><span>Crop Avatar</span></h3><div class=\"ow_box_cap_icons clearfix\"><a title=\"close\" class=\"ow_ic_delete close\" href=\"javascript://\"></a></div></div>\";

person.\$body = \"width: 749\";

document.avatarFloatBox = person;

person.\$header is not a valid token identifier. Where did you see or learn to use that?

Hi thanks for the reply. Im using Oxwall script and in change_avatar.js there is a line:

document.avatarFloatBox.$header.find(".floatbox_title span").html(OW.getLanguageText('base', 'avatar_crop'));

Id like to overdrive it or disable it without changing the file.

Thanks, you’ll most likely find that someone in their forums have a better idea on how to deal with Oxwell specific issues.
I recommend that you check things out there at https://developers.oxwall.com/forum

Their forum sucks buddy nobody wants to help out just wanna charge you for everything.

Would you be able to help.

Things happen if I help after midnight.

Someone else around here should be able to gladly help though.


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