Unexpected space between floated divs

Hi, can you help me with this site?


As you can see, I have 2 columns of divs in the content area, every odd/even floats to left/right and they have 50% width.

My problem is that some of the divs which supposed to float left, don’t do it, instead they stay on the right where they should be without floating. It’s like they don’t have enough space to float to the left… That would still be OK, the exact “post flow” isn’t important at this site, but when they don’t float to the left, a vertical space is inserted to the place where they should be located.

How can I eliminate this unnecessary space? Or if it’s solvable, how can I make all the elements float where they are supposed to?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

You should not try and rely on luck to get this positioned the way you want, I’d sort this out into columns instead of having everything lined up and floated.

Work that right column into 2 columns :slight_smile:

Well then your are SOL and you are going to be trying to do this with luck :).

Even if you do find a solution to this, it’d be highly breakable via a zoom or text resize :). IMO find a new CMS :slight_smile:

The problem is that I can’t put the nodes in two separate columns by turns with the Drupal engine :S I tried it with several methods… I think I will ask it on a Drupal forum, maybe they can think of a method for it.

By the way thanks for the help!