Unexpected Result

When I run a serps checker using keywords from my products’ titles, the only listing I get is my sitemap. No products are listed at all.
My url is http://www.bagsnbracelets.co.uk
Any ideas please?

Not what I’m seeing

What’s the URL for the sitemap?

The url is: http://www.bagsnbracelets.co.uk/1_en_0_sitemap.xml

Hmmm, I’ve never seen a sitemap.xml file with a prefix. i.e. the “1_en_0_”

I’m guessing you did submit that to GWT and it didn’t report any problem with it being named that?

If not it might be that it isn’t being recognized as a sitemap.xml file.

As I understand it, @graisbeck isn’t saying that the site isn’t indexed by Google (or any other search engine) but that this was an odd result from using a serps checker tool. So I suppose the glitch may be in the tool, rather than in the site.

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The sitemap is generated by Prestashop and I then submit the url to GWT. When I searched for one of my products only the sitemap appeared in the results. Now when I carry out a search the category appears in the results but not the actual product.

I searched Google with these keywords; Brown Branded Looking Long Purse With Buckle and it brought up my sitemap in the results!!

Yes, I can confirm I see the same thing.

As @Mittineague said, that’s an odd-looking URL for a sitemap. Have you checked in Webmaster Tools to see that Google is correctly reading it as a sitemap?

I’ve just took a screenshot of GWT:

Sorry about the size it’s from my phone.

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