Unexpected end of JSON input

I am using a script to trigger an ajax process on several websites where it is working fine.
I am working on a new one and for a reason I can’t figure out this one doesn’t work. I don’t see why. The console doesn’t come up with an error.

The form can’t be seen here: https://www.odontolab.cl/test.aspx and the script is here https://www.odontolab.cl/js/SctContact.js

Hi @Corobori, there is no response data for your request to https://www.odontolab.cl/Contacto_Enviar.aspx, and attempting to parse an empty string as JSON will result in that error you’re getting… so there seems to be a problem with your backend code rather than with your client side JS.

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I thought so to but in debug mode the Contacto_Enviar.aspx didn’t seem to be triggered. As per your suggestion I had a serious look at this code… Oh boy ! This was never going to work…

Thanks @m3g4p0p for your help, you put me on the right track !


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Glad I could help. :-)

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