Understanding the JavaScript delete operator


My other question is this:

It keeps going back to this every time I put it inside here:

To indent 4 spaces.

const playerVarsParams = ["autoplay", "cc_lang_pref", "cc_load_policy", "controls", "disablekb", "end", "fs", "hl", "iv_load_policy", "list", "listType", "loop", "playlist", "rel", "start"];

It won’t keep it set like this:

Is there anything I can do to the code to keep it from getting out of order?
So it doesn’t keep becoming 1 long string?

        const playerVarsParams = ["autoplay", "cc_lang_pref", "cc_load_policy", 
        "controls", "disablekb", "end", "fs", "hl", "iv_load_policy", 
        "list", "listType", "loop", "playlist", "rel", "start"];


I recommend that you use the JS Beautifier to tidy up the indenting instead, as that works well to tidy up the code before sending it to JSLint.


I can use this one it turns out.
I just have to keep it check marked.


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