Undefined variable prodcut_title and product_image on line 307 and 307 with shopping cart

about i making online shopping cart project in php everything is working fine but there is only litle mistake …!!

And what is the mistake?


okay actaully mistake in shopping cart page sir…

it says undefined variable prodcut_title and product_image on line 307 and 307…when i open the shopping cart page…CART working fine otherwise…!!,problem is this error displaying…and when i refresh the cart page …error goes on automatically…
these are line 306 and 307…on cart.php…
.-> $_SESSION[‘product_title’] = $product_title;
.> $_SESSION[‘product_image’] = $product_image;

sir can you tell me where is the problem?? plz…
and i worked through functions…

how can i send u files
? function.php & cart.php ? sir

You can attach them here to your post with the upload button

or with Ctrl + G.

You could also start by telling us which of the thousand shopping cart prepackaged systems you’re using.

no i am not working on any framework…!!

you’re going to have to show us your code then, or we cant point to where its gone wrong.

The amzing thing is that the error goes on when i refersh the cart.php page…!!why that so…??
here files are not not going to attach i dont knw y it says …that new users cannot upoad a files so just going to email you.my all coding is here in functions/functions.php file and in cart.php.
please check where 's wrong…also attached screenshot…a

got files??

Have you used session_start() at the start of the script?

yup. email you files please check it

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