Undefined variable error in array

I have a collection of check boxes all with the name c but different values. From php8 the code below works but gives me an 'Undefined variable $sql_c’ warning (perhaps this error was just suppressed in earlier versions?). I was given the code years back and have now updated it with numerous ‘if isset()’ functions, but if I do that to the $sql_c function, I get no results. Any help would be appreciated.

if (isset($_POST['submit']) && isset($_POST['c'])) {

if(isset($_POST['c']) && $_POST['c']=="") {$c = array(); }

foreach ($_POST['c'] as $cID) {

$sql_c .= ",".$cID;  // "Undefined variable $sql_c" warning

if (isset($numCat)) {$numCat = $numCat + 1;} 


$sql = $sql . $sql_c;         

$sql="SELECT"." ".$sql." "."FROM records ORDER BY fname";

$result=@mysqli_query($dbcnx, $sql);

Using .= you are joining to an existing string. But that string has yet to be defined.
You could start by creating the variable as an empty string before the loop: $sql_c = "";
But maybe, instead of the foreach, you should look at implode() to make the array into a string.

And $numCat I guess is some attempt at a counter. Instead just use count().

Also, seriously consider validating the inputs. Putting the variable, made up of user input, directly into the query is very dangerous.

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