Undefined index error

hello frnds this is my code and dont know why this Undefined index: admin_name in C:\wamp\www\advance php\login\showadmin.php on line 15 pops up i am nt able to fix it please help me out

require_once 'connect.php';
	$query=mysql_query("SELECT 'admin_name.admin_name','admin_name.admin_lastname','admin_name.admin_creattime',
FROM admin_name,admin_detail ");
		die('nt good fail to select'.mysql_error());
             $name	= $row['admin_name'];
          	 $last 	=$row['admin_lastname'];
          	$acctime	=$row['admin_creattime'];
             $pass   =$row['admin_pass'];
             $phone   =$row['admin_phone'];
             $mail   =$row['admin_email'];
             $gen   =$row['admin_gender'];
             echo $name." ".$last." ".$acctime." ".$pass." ".$phone." ".$mail." ".$gen;
	echo "sorry";

First off, your query looks wrong, I believe it should be

"SELECT admin_name.admin_name, admin_name.admin_lastname, admin_name.admin_creattime,
        admin_detail.admin_pass, admin_detail.admin_phone, admin_detail.admin_email, admin_detail.admin_gender
FROM admin_name,admin_detail "

Then to figure out how to access it, write the following line within your while loop


You will either see that you need to reference the column names as $row[‘admin_name.admin_name’] or you may still be able to use $row[‘admin_name’] (I think the later will still be accurate).

thanku frnd it helped me when i use index number at the place of $name = $row[‘admin_name’]; than it works but if i do $name = $row[‘admin_name’] this again give the same error

Something that you need to keep in mind is that the mysql_* extension is deprecated as of version 5.5 of PHP, you should really be migrating over to either the mysqli_* extension or to PDO

Did you update your query and perform the var_dump as I stated? The var_dump will give you an output that tells you the key name to use.