Uncaught type-error: undefined not a function

I’m getting 'Uncaught TypeError: Undefined is not a function at this point in code


I had a google and play arounf…read it may be not parsed html…tried putting this into a document.ready function, but no joy…full code below… Once ok I’ll later combine the rotate to width check and blind…

Thanks for any pointers

$(".step-arrow").click(function(event) {
var win_w = window.innerWidth;
var myTarget = $(this).data("target");

    if($(this).hasClass("active")) {
            duration: 200,
            angle: 180,
    } else {
            duration: 200,
            angle: 0,

if (win_w > 820 && win_w <1000){
// $(this).toggleClass("rotate");

 $(myTarget).toggle("blind", {direction: "horizontal"}, 1000);	
else {

 $(myTarget).toggle("blind", {direction: "vertical"}, 1000);	


Sounds like the plugin (looks like jQueryrotate?) is not loaded. I’d check your browser’s JS console to see if there’s a problem with the path perhaps.

Ah seems so…I foolishly assumed it would be a part of jquery latest. Added the rotate plugin and the effect is pretty much the same as doing it via css

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