Unable to parse query text

The error is in the sum function

SELECT     dbo.ForecortTBL.ForecourtD AS ForcourtD, dbo.ForecortTBL.ForecourtName, sum(Stockvalue = TankReading(TankTBL) * FuelWholeSaleRetailPrice(FuelTBL))              
FROM         dbo.TankTBL INNER JOIN
                      dbo.FuelTBL ON dbo.TankTBL.FuelID = dbo.FuelTBL.FuelID CROSS JOIN
GROUP BY dbo.ForecortTBL.ForecourtD, dbo.ForecortTBL.ForecourtName

Assuming TankReading and FuelWholeSaleRetailPrice are valid stored procs or functions that are accessiblr to the query, it should probably read

SUM(TankReading(TankTBL) * FuelWholeSaleRetailPrice(FuelTBL)) AS Stockvalue
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While we’re at it…

10$ says you trip yourself up there… missing an e perhaps?


you’re so kind

hey, anyone else relieved to see a new thread on here after two weeks of absolutely nothing?

Thanks for your help guys, had to change it up a bit but finally got it working as i wanted it too.

sum(ISNULL(dbo.TankTBL.TankReading * dbo.FuelTBL.FuelWholeSaleRetailPrice,0))
 as StockValue,Count_BIG(*) as NoOfPumps

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