Unable to login to members area since moving webfiles to shared storage

Our company has an internal website where members login to see hotel details. Since moving the webfiles from local server to a shared storage the members cannot login to the site, when attempting to login they get returned to the home page without any incorrect user details message which normally happens when incorrect details are entered. The user details are stored in a mysql database and are definitely being entered correctly.

We have other websites that have also moved to shared storage that work fine but they do not have login sections

Can anyone help?

Look carefully at how the 2 servers differ in their configuration. (use phpinfo()).

If you have a big difference in the modules loaded, or security settings such as whether GET, COOKIE and POST vars are handled as GLOBALS then you probably need to modernise your code.

The php files are looking at the same php configuration as when they were located locally so I don’t feel this is the issue. I believe the problem is to do with sessions but am unsure how to integrate sessions into my existing code

Well create a couple of test scripts. One to set a session and one to read the session data with :


… and prove/disprove your theory.

Are you storing sessions using the file system or in the database?

Trying to store them in a mysql db