Unable to locate package php-mcript

I am following the link above.

(1) I installed xubuntu
(2) I installed apache2
(3) I installed mysql

It’s turn to install php.
so I type the following as the link above saying PHP for installing .

The shell scripting above called the following.

It doesn’t go futther and PHP is not installed.

What’s wrong with it?
How can I make it go further?
How can I install PHP correctly?

crypt is spelled with a y.

Oh, I am sorry, The following is the real problem.

Why is “Package php-mcrypt” not available,
How can I make it available?

Google tells me that this is true since PHP 7.2 because mcrypt is removed from PHP.

So you shouldnt be installing mcrypt.

Then, how can I go further in installing PHP with the following.

you take the php-mcrypt part out.

Do you mean the following?


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