Unable to hide similar select option element

I have the following code with two identical lists. Based on the selection on one, I want to hide the same element of other element. I can see that style="display: none; is getting inserted in <option value="20" style="display: none;">A</option> when I select A from left list and expect A to be hidden in the right list. But it’s not hidden.

Here’s my JSFiddle

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You could set the disabled attribute instead:

Otherwise you could use the remove() method to remove an option but restoring an option is then less straightforward.

Thanks. Will it work with the select2() library as well?

I think it will work with Select2 but I have never used Select2. I have checked that Select2 will handle disabled options (link).

Doesn’t seem to be working when I added select2(). Here is the updated JSFiddle using your code where I included the select2() library

Using Developer Tools I can see that Select2 replaces the <option> elements with an arrangement of <span> elements and reduces the <select> element to 1 x 1 pixels. So that JavaScript is not going to work.

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Perhaps I didn’t understand it, the developer tools is still showing me option tags for both available Locations and destinationLocations. Are you referring to something else here that won’t let the desired behavior happen?

Does this means that there is no way to hide or achieve what I’m looking for?

Developer Tools is showing the <select> element has been reduced to only 1 x 1 pixel:

Two selects1

Actually the <option> elements are still present in the HTML but the options in the drop-down list are rendered using <span> elements:

Two selects2

I see Section 12 of the Select2 documentation covers programatic control but does not seem to include methods to set or clear disabled attributes or to delete individual options.


$("#availableLocations").on("change", function () {
  if($("#destinationLocations").val() == $("#availableLocations").val()) {
		$("#destinationLocations").val(-1).trigger("change"); //The current selection is invalid.
  $("#destinationLocations option").each(function() { this.disabled = false; });  
  $("#destinationLocations option[value='"+$("#availableLocations").val()+"']")[0].disabled = true;

The select2 shell doesnt hide the options, it just shells them.

Thanks. That’s what I was looking for. select2() makes it more difficult to achieve such things I believe.

Can you explain what does this line do? I can see that it’s for handling -1 input but what does it do is what I’m wondering.

It’s for resetting the selection when the selection becomes bad.

So for example, if you change the value of the first select to C; the page has not been psychicly pre-deterministic to know you were going to pick C for the first box. The value of the second box could already be C.

If it is, you’re in a bad state - the selected option in the second box is now invalid. What needs to happen?

Well, we could tell the second box to pick a different value. But we dont really want to say that “C was invalid, you pick D instead” (maybe you do, but thats not the default behavior I would go for personally - what happens if they choose the last value in the box?) so instead we tell the box to set its value to the value of our non-selection (which in this case is -1), and then register to select2 (and any other javascript listening for changes to the select box) that a change has happened, and it needs to update itself.

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