Unable to add elements to an array dynamically!

I am trying to create a dynamic array and push elements to it using Javascript. Being a begineer, I have having problems with it.

P.S. I am fetching the values all fine (checked with console.log), the only problem is that I am unable to put it in the database.

Below is my code -

(function makelist()
    var listHeaderData =[];
    var listChildData = [];
    var listImagePath = [];
    var nextPageRefLink = ['imageSlider.html','NewsItem_descp_1.html','http://www.yahoo.com'];
    Parse.initialize("XN0sv3fBqB380fCpwohuHAgansghkiDp8MhbyJDs", "xzoETxUUxicHAtdwqbZh65XtTAFaona3a6cC9jSB");

    console.log("Parse Initailized inside javascript");

      var newsFeed = Parse.Object.extend("NewsFeed");
      var query = new Parse.Query(newsFeed);

            success: function(results){
                var output ="";
                for(var  i in results) {
                    //listHeaderData DATA
                    var heading = results[i].get("Heading");
                    console.log("Header : "+heading);
                    //listChildData DATA
                    var description = results[i].get("description");
                    console.log("Description : "+description);
                    if(results[i].get("Image")) {
                        var file = results[i].get("Image");
                        //listImagePath URL's
                        var url = file.url();
                        console.log("Image URL is:"+url);
            } , error: function(error){
                console.log("Query error :"+error.message);


What can be the problem ?

why should JavaScript put the array elements into the database?

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