Umbraco to Wordpress


We’re planning to migrate our umbraco website to wordpress, I was wondering if there are major changes that we might deal with besides losing rankings.
Is it like starting zero or it would still be the same? Thanks!

~ Cody

Hi Cody,

I hope you are well.

There is no issues with ranking in terms of migrating a website from Umbraco to WordPress, that you would not find migrating your website from another system.

You need to be careful with is your page URL’s. You either need to keep these the same or have a 301 redirect to the replacement page. You might also need to take note of the default title and description you used on your website and migrate these over to your new pages. If you keep the URL’s the same, as well as the title and description and content of each page, then ‘in theory’ search engines would not have much effect. That being said some fluctuation in your page attributes is favored by search engines. It’s only when you have big changes that things get messed up. The worse thing you can do is upgrade your website completely replacing all the links with new ones without placing a single 301 redirect. I could imagine that this would be destructive.

Once you can guarantee than none of your links will be disturbed then I would proceed with the replacement. It’s recommended that you work on a test environment (possibly a sub-domain) before completely replacing your website.

I hope my answer has helped answer your question. If you need any more help please let us know and somebody from the forum might be able to shed a different light on the matter.

Thank you Sega with that detailed information. We’re going to use same URLs, site details and content so that wont be a much problem.
Right now, we’re still completing the layout structure and additional features.

~ Cody