Ultra Thin HTML Fonts?


Does anyone know to use ultra thin HTML fonts.

I have some web pages which have HTML which are so thin they are barely visible. Does anyone know how to do these.

When I Google “ultra thin html fonts” and use the code it doesn’t actually work. Do I need to add anything else to produce ultra thin fonts?

What fonts are you trying to use? Sites like Fontsquirrel have all sorts of fonts you can use, and if you can view them on their site, they’ll work on yours.

Cheers dude.

So are these HTML fonts with the code used in the CSS or they produced as images?

I have seen some sites with very thin fonts which are not images and the words can be copied and pasted. This is the effect I am trying to use.

Yes, what Ralph is talking about is embedded webfonts linked to from the CSS, not images.

Yup, there are lots of them, such as here:

There are many font services, free (like the above) or paid, depending in part on the font you want. Many fonts are not allowed to be placed on the web for commercial reasons, so the workaround is to use a service like TypeKit, where the font is hosted by them and linked to your site in some way (so the font loads on your site but is hosted on theirs).

If you can find one that’s free, though, Fontsquirrel is a better option. They have a lot of free fonts all set up and packaged for use on the web, which is really great. You just download their package, upload it to your site (say, in the CSS folder) and add the styles they give you to your style sheet to make the fonts available on your site.

Brilliant thanks guys,

I didn’t it worked like that. Is the safest option to download the font and upload to my site? If so how would I do this please. Is there set CSS code to do this?

I find that works really well, so it’s quite safe indeed. You can only do this when the fonts are freely available. As I said, if they aren’t, you can use services like TypeKit or FontDeck, which are good also, and easier to use, as you just add a link to the head of your doc. (They do cost, though.)

As I also menitoned, if you download a ready made package from FontSquirrel, you just load the font files on your site (say, in the CSS folder) and paste the CSS they give you (as part of the download) into your style sheet.

You should use Fontsquirel.com to embed such fonts in your page. A very tiny font that you can use at 8px is BitDust 2