UK Web Designer Magazine

came across this magazine:
Is any one a subscriber or have any previous issues, im looking for feedback on this magazine as to wether its worthwhile or not!

If anyone has any alternative suggestions, please let me know!


I’ve never read it, I generally read .net magazine quite a lot (though not as much as I used too). Few SPers have published articles in there, too.

.net sounds interesting is that a general webmaster magazine? do you have a link to it? - see it most places, general, so it covers design, programming, SEO etc.

The problem with web design magazines are that they tend to be largely out-of-date with news when it hit’s the shelves, the articles and features are usually pretty good (I’ve seen some back issues) but I haven’t bothered subscribing because they don’t offer a PDF version (I don’t need piles of magazines in my house, this place is cluttered up as it is). I would also say that everything in the magazine could largely be found online for free in some form :slight_smile: