Two nested hypertext-links possible?

Hello communitiy,
from what I could find in the net it looks as if nested hypertext links are not allowed or not possible. This may well be the case.

I anyways try to find a solution for the actual case.

  1. there are 12 almost equal hypertext links with a href=“mailto …”

  2. each link is having a &body=“…” text, nearly identical and quite long (nearly 3k chars each)

Now, these 12 links, actually coded directly within the html-page, are heavily redundant and need precious time for downloading them by the browser.
Trying with loading: lazy does not make sense, since the links are placed next to each other.

The idea now is:
Get the text(s) from a server, using another (inner) hypertext link.
And, ideally, a download from the server only is happening, once the user is clicking on one of the main outer links.

Can someone see a solution for this task?

Best regards

No, it’s not allowed.

You would probably need JS to load the body text.


Thank you!
Doing it another way now.


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