Two-mike usb mixer

I want to record two people in a video interview situation using two Radio Shack lavalier mikes bringing the signal into my PC through the USB port. Anyone know of an inexpensive audio mixer that will do the job?

This one goes for about $180:

This one goes for about $130:

This one goes for about $110:

This one goes for about $100:

All these mixers have USB outputs, preamps, phantom power, and at least 2 mic inputs.

All the stores I listed are ones I’ve personally done business with and have had no problems.

Wow! Terrific! Thanks much!

One more question. As I mentioned above, I’m considering using two Radio Shack lavalier mikes with the mixer @ $32.99

On the other hand Amazon is selling the Audo-Technica at a nice discount @ $19.32.

I’d need adapters to plug either one into the mixer.

Any thoughts about these choices?

I’ve never been impressed with radioshack equipment. Adapters and bare wire from them are fine, though a little pricey at times.

Audio-Technica is decent, but I’ve only tended to use their equipment stands and cables.

If it is a choice just between the two, I’d do with Audio-Technica. However–I can’t quite tell if they are designed for use with a battery pack transmitter, or if they can be plugged into a mixer. In any case, I wouldn’t expect too much from either one.

I might go with a lav from Shure, but you won’t be able to get something cheap. The lowest price for a lav mic is around $80 (a Shure WL93), and I’m not quite sure how that one behaves, as I have not used it.

I’d recommend trying to find an AV/recording forum to ask these questions on, rather than a web development forum to help you find the most appropriate equipment.

Thanks. All good advice.